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 One of the caravan industry leaders in innovative design, quality and style.

Luxury at a surprisingly affordable price

Design RV is proudly manufactured in Australia by a team of leading industry experts.

Design RV

Design RV comes from a group of industry experts channeling over 35 years of experience in the caravan industry into a versatile range of products built to create a truly unique and exceptional user experience.

Design RV is not just a name, but a commitment to a personal and rewarding experience for customers in all areas of service. This focus on the ‘customer experience’ is what allows Design RV to be one of the industries leaders in innovative design, quality and style.

Australian Made

Design RV is proudly manufactured in Australia. With a team of industry experts behind the design process, this range of caravans presents an industry leading approach to its manufacturing processes. Made in state of the art facilities, a caravan from Design RV is built with an intense attention to detail to ensure that the final product that is delivered is one of the highest quality. Quality being a part of Design RV’s core company values. Design RV’s commitment to quality represents a company wide approach to ensuring their products are always up to standard.

Versatile Range

The Design RV range contains a plethora of caravans that come in an extensive group of layouts built for people from all walks of life. Whether you’re a couple looking to get away in comfort, a family with need of extra space, or a solo traveller looking for an off-roading adventure, Design RV has you covered.

In addition to a versatile base range, Design RV offers a host of customisation options in areas such as accessories and interior design. Choose from all manner of colour options in both the caravans interior and exterior.

Embrace the Travelling Lifestyle

Hit the road in the comfort of one of Design RV’s award winning caravans. No matter where you’re going or what you’re doing on your next holiday, the style and comfort of a caravan from Design RV is the best place to see it from. Each caravan is packed with essentials and creature comforts to make your trip memorable. Kick back after a long day in recliner chairs or in spacious seating arrangements.

Family Vans

Design RV’s family options offer the stylish practicality offered in the couples options, with the addition of 2 or 3 Bunks. The intelligent design offered in all of Design RVs caravans applied in to a family caravan results in a living space that feels more spacious than it has any right to be. This extra space comes without compromise on the exceptional standard features offered in all of Design RVs caravans.

Off Road Options

Design RVs extensive range offers more than just comfort and simplicity, you’ll also find a pathway to adventure with Design RV CRX series. The CRX has semi off road capability delivering all the comfort and utility in a rugged package. Or go all the way with the Full Off-Road CRX XTREME Pack.

  • Shower

  • Toilet

  • Fridge Freezer

  • Air Conditioning

  • Microwave

  • Washing Machine

  • Solar Power

  • Kitchen

Series Range

Design RV Forerunner

Design RV Forerunner Caravans
Base model from


The Forerunner series is the ideal caravan for the first time caravanner and the budget conscious.
View Model

Design RV Mica

Base model from


Get away in style with Design RV’s Mica Touring range. Check out the caravan that is setting the new standards in luxury.
View Model

Design RV CRX

Base model from


The CRX is a fantastic Semi Off-Road model with layouts that range from family units to couples. Includes an option for a full Off-Road Upgrade.
View Model

Design RV Getaway

Design RV Getaway Caravans
Base model from


The getaway is a fantastic affordable option for families looking to enter the world of caravanning.
View Model

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