Caravans For Sale Adelaide

A guide to choosing the right new caravan for you and your family.

So you are considering buying a new caravan. Fortunately there are plenty of caravan dealers across Adelaide selling new caravans. There are many price points, sizes, weights and options available.
So how do you know which makes and models are potentially right for you, so that you can go and view the right caravans for sale?
Here’s a list of things to consider, which will make your new caravan buying experience easier.

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What weight of caravan can your vehicle tow?

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You may be intending to use your current vehicle to tow your new caravan, or upgrading your vehicle to a 4x4 so that you can tow a larger heavier RV and go off-road.

Whichever it is you will need to know the fully laden weight of your caravan and the towing capacity of your vehicle.


If you have a vehicle with limited towing capacity and you aren’t going to change it, then the first thing you need to know is what caravans you are going to be able to tow.


It will also be important to check that the towbar you have or will be buying is fit for purpose.


Caravan and Tow Vehicle Towing Capacity

Understanding the right set up for towing a caravan is absolutely essential for your safety and is a legal requirement.

Heavy penalties apply for unsafe towing.

Here are the common terms used to measure and calculate your vehicle's towing capacity, how much you can load into your vehicle and caravan and whether your towbar and tow ball are up to scratch.

  • TBM: tow ball mass is the mass which is exerted on the tow ball once your caravan is ready to go.
  • GCM: this is a combination of  the maximum gross mass of your trailer and your vehicle.
  • TBD: tow bar download is the amount of pressure that the tow bar can handle. Usually, it should be between 10 to 15% of your GTM.
  • Tare mass: this is the mass of your vehicle or caravan with nothing in it. 
  • ATM: Means aggregate trailer mass.
  • GVM: this means gross vehicle mass and is the weight that your vehicle can support, including its own weight, your passengers, and your tow ball mass.
  • GTM:  meaning gross trailer mass. This is the same as above, but for your caravan. 
  • Payload: this is any weight  you add to your vehicle or caravan, such as luggage, water etc.
  • Maximum payload: the maximum weight you can add to your vehicle or caravan. 

Any caravan experienced dealer will be able to help you with these figures, but remember your family’s safety and towing legally are your responsibility.

What size Caravan do you Need?

The size of caravan you need will depend on your family size, personal tastes and the level of comfort and convenience you want when you’re away and your caravan is your home.

The number of beds is a primary consideration and then you need to imagine how the space will function when everyone is in the caravan.

How will the space work when you are cooking and the kids are playing or you are eating together, playing cards or all doing your own thing.

Try and envisage how the space will work for you over the course of a trip, including on days where the weather may keep you indoors.

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On-road, semi-off road or full off-road caravan?

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This is a really important part of the process. If you are happy to pull up at caravan parks, hook up to the facilities, make this your base, then a tourer or family caravan will be just the job.


However if you want to explore further afield and use more remote caravan parks or even no caravan parks then a semi-off road or full of road caravan will be required.


You need to consider that an off road caravan will be heavier and both your vehicle and towbar will need to be up to spec.

How many people will be travelling

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Both the number and age of travelers need to be considered when deciding on sleeping arrangements and van layout.


Bunk vans are the ideal solution for a larger family and with bunks generally at the opposite end of a caravan to the double or twin adult beds, there is some privacy.

Some models have dining areas that convert to beds.  You can also pack a tent and some people can sleep outside. This is a good option if you have limited towing capacity or your budget doesn’t stretch to a larger caravan.


You need to also consider cooking, dining, bathroom, relaxing and other daily functions.

How much space do you need to live comfortably in a caravan?

The living space in a caravan is important. When thinking about this you need to include the usable under-cover outside space provided by an awning, which can be fitted by the manufacturer or an annex.

When you look at your potential caravan, check the internal layout options and then what you need outside, attached to this space.

Outside options include bbq’s pull out tables, TV’s, external showers, lighting and many other facilities.

An annex can be used as a combination of sleeping quarters and living space or as additional living space for rainy days.

The length of the van can limit where you can stay and get to as well. The shorter the van, the lighter it is and the better maneuverability you will have. You can get smaller vans now with huge amounts of possibilities. You really don’t need a huge van to have the creature comforts you crave. The way space is utilised in smaller vans now is amazing.

If you want to spend most of your time outdoors, then a smaller van is definitely the way to go.


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Do your research online first

By researching online you can draw up a list of makes and models that fit your needs and budget. 

You can also get an idea of how the caravan dealers and the caravans they sell are rated, by checking reviews on Google, social media and forums.

Caravan Shows

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Caravan shows are a great place to view most of your shortlist without having to drive around -, but it can be overwhelming. 

If you’ve already done some research and know what you are after, this will mean you can go to the stands you want and ignore the ones that don’t have what you are after.

Manufacturer representatives are usually on-site at the caravan shows and often offer “Show Discounts” or value-added packages at these events.

So even if you aren’t quite ready to buy, get your name registered with a dealer and you can still pick up a deal for a time after a show has finished.

There are 2 main caravan shows a year in Adelaide.

Feb ……..


Ask as many questions as you can or need to

There are many staff working in dealers who have a wealth of knowledge and are avid caravanners themselves. 

Seek these people out and avoid those who are just there for the sale.

Prepare your questions in advance and you’ll get the information you need to make the right decision for you and your family. Your dream caravan awaits.

Think about where you will be taking your caravan

What are the most important features you’ll need in your caravan?

If you are going to be staying in caravan parks, this reduces the number of facilities you need.

If you plan on going off the beaten track, where you can’t plug into power, hook up to a sewerage outlet and link a hose, you’ll need to consider these essential items:

  • Large water tanks
  • Grey water tank
  • Additional gas tanks
  • Solar Power system
  • Separate toilet
  • Shower
  • Generator for emergencies
  • Satellite phone
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It is essential that you have the equipment required to go “off-grid” and have planned for contingencies.

What will you be taking with you and how long will you be away?

Storage Space is Important

What will you need to keep the kids and/or yourselves entertained?

If you're taking bikes then racks can be fitted. Check the available storage space in each caravan and work out whether it is adequate for your needs. 

For some of you, compromising will be necessary - there won’t be unlimited space.

What are the essentials and how much space will you need for them? Then you can consider the nice to haves and which of those you can take.

Food Storage

Check out the fridge/freezer and also consider if you need to buy an additional portable cool box.

Keeping your food fresh will have a very positive impact on your overall enjoyment.

Caravan Optional Upgrades

Many caravans come with a great array of features as standard. However if you find that one or more features you want are not included in the model you have chosen, have a look at the list of optional upgrades.

buy australian

Avoid buying an imported caravan. The quality is definitely not there and you will have major problems if you have a warranty issue.

You may save some money in the short term, but there are too many risks to make this a viable option.

pick the right finish for your caravan

Go through the range of cupboard finishes, furnishings and floorings available for your model range and pick the finish you can live with, from both a practical and aesthetic point of view.

If you have young children you need finishes that are hard wearing, easy to clean and that don’t show up every mark and scrape.

Caravan finance options

When it comes to paying for a caravan you have a number of options.

If you have the available resources you may want to pay cash.

You could possibly add the purchase price to your mortgage, or go to your bank for an additional loan.

Caravan finance

You could also speak to your dealer about available caravan finance options.

Most caravan dealers have arrangements with specialist caravan finance companies and can help you get a quote that is tailored to suit your particular circumstances.

enjoy the process of buying a caravan

Buying a caravan is a major purchase. You will be spending a lot of time in your caravan whilst you are away, so it is worth putting in the extra effort to help you make the right choice.

However - don’t turn the process into a nightmare by worrying about it too much. Most of the Australian made caravan brands are extremely well constructed and have lots of fixtures and fittings as standard.

They also come in a great range of layouts and finishes.

New Caravans For Sale Adelaide

If you’re looking for caravans for sale Adelaide has a lot to offer. There are many brands on the market and much to consider when choosing the caravan that is right for you. If you’re new to the market and the world of caravans, we recommend checking out our article for new buyers. Otherwise we recommend looking at our range of fantastic caravans that are in stock.

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Viscount Caravans For Sale Adelaide

With history dating back to the 50s, Viscount is one of the oldest caravanning brands in Australia. Subsequently they are something of a household name. The current generation of Viscount caravans offers the dual qualities of tried and true layouts with a large range of modern fittings. As a result you’ll find Viscounts are some of the most consistently well built, reliable caravans for sale Adelaide has on the market. Viscount Caravans offer many options as standard among their caravans. Some of these items are typically considered extras with other brands and aren’t included in the standard base price like with Viscount.

Viscount’s Range

Viscount v1 caravans for sale
Viscount V1 Caravan
Base Price: $69,777
The V1 is a great lightweight tourer that’ll tow easily behind smaller vehicles like Prados.
Viscount v2 caravans for sale
Viscount V2 Caravan
Base Price: $71,277
The Viscount V2 is the next size up from a V1 and comes with an additional axle.
Viscount v3 caravans for sale
Viscount V3 Caravan
Base Price: $74,277
This is Viscount’s largest touring model, one of the most spacious options for couples.
Viscount v2 family
Viscount V2 Family Caravan
Base Price: $76,277
The V2 Family caravan is a medium family model that comes with all essentials.
Viscount v3 family
Viscount V3 Family Caravan
Base Price: $78,777
The Viscount V3 Family caravan is a large family model with room for everyone!
Viscount premium model
Viscount Premium Package
Different Price Options
The Viscount Premium Package is an upgrade to many of the features in Viscount’s range.
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