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If you’re looking for caravans for sale Adelaide has a lot to offer. There are many brands on the market and much to consider when choosing the caravan that is right for you. If you’re new to the market and the world of caravans, we recommend checking out our article for new buyers. Otherwise we recommend looking at our range of fantastic caravans that are in stock.

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At Explorer Caravan Sales we are a small family operated business with a commitment to one thing: Customer service. We proudly offer some of the best caravans for sale Adelaide has to offer in our huge range of layouts across our brands.

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Viscount Caravans For Sale Adelaide

With history dating back to the 50s, Viscount is one of the oldest caravanning brands in Australia. Subsequently they are something of a household name. The current generation of Viscount caravans offers the dual qualities of tried and true layouts with a large range of modern fittings. As a result you’ll find Viscounts are some of the most consistently well built, reliable caravans for sale Adelaide has on the market. Viscount Caravans offer many options as standard among their caravans. Some of these items are typically considered extras with other brands and aren’t included in the standard base price like with Viscount.

Viscount’s Range

Viscount v1 caravans for sale
Viscount V1 Caravan
Base Price: $61,277
The V1 is a great lightweight tourer that’ll tow easily behind smaller vehicles like Prados.
Viscount v2 caravans for sale
Viscount V2 Caravan
Base Price: $62,777
The Viscount V2 is the next size up from a V1 and comes with an additional axle.
Viscount v3 caravans for sale
Viscount V3 Caravan
Base Price: $65,777
This is Viscount’s largest touring model, one of the most spacious options for couples.
Viscount v2 family
Viscount V2 Family Caravan
Base Price: $67,777
The V2 Family caravan is a medium family model that comes with all essentials.
Viscount v3 family
Viscount V3 Family Caravan
Base Price: $70,277
The Viscount V3 Family caravan is a large family model with room for everyone!
Viscount premium model
Viscount Premium Package
Different Price Options
The Viscount Premium Package is an upgrade to many of the features in Viscount’s range.
Viscount in Stock

Design RV Caravans for Sale Adelaide

Design RV was founded by a group of industry professionals with 35 years of collective experience. In other words, the Design RV team knows what they’re doing and collaborated to create a new range of caravans. Within the Design RV range you’ll find just about everything you can do with a caravan’s layout. This includes family caravans and both on and off road models. See Australia in comfort from one of Design RV’s award winning caravans. Each caravan is full of essential features and creature comforts to make your holiday one to remember. No matter where you head next, it’ll be better in a Design RV!

Design RV’s Range

Forerunner caravans from sale Adelaide
Design RV Forerunner Touring
Base Price: $62,777
The Forerunner caravan model that comes in a variety of layouts to suit all manner of needs.
Design RV Forerunner
Design RV Forerunner Family
Base Price: $67,777
The Forerunner Family range has several great layouts to cater to different requirements.
CRX caravans from sale Adelaide
Design RV CRX
Base Price: $72,977
Available in both Off Road and Semi Off Road Models, the CRX is for caravanners who love adventure.
MICA caravans from sale Adelaide
Design RV MICA Touring
Base Price: $66,277
The Design RV MICA is a luxury caravan that comes pre-fitted with many luxury features.
MICA Family Caravans
Design RV MICA Family
Base Price: $72,277
Take the family away in luxury with this stylish family model that comes packed with features.
Getaway caravans from sale Adelaide
Design RV Getaway
Base Price: $55,777
The Design RV Getaway is a family caravan that won't break the bank, while still containing all the essentials.
Design RV in Stock

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