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The Design RV Mica Range is designed to make your holidays a five star experience.

Designed with sturdy durable external features, a comfortable spacious interior and packed with high end quality computer cut furniture.

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The Ultimate Way To Discover Australia

With hard wearing external features such as composite aluminium cladding, proven suspension system and practical outdoor additions, this caravan is for the true adventurer.

Mica Touring

Get away in style with Design RV’s Mica Touring range. Check out the caravan that is setting the new standard for luxury features. The Mica Touring Caravan offers couples a long list of extras delivered that are in all of Design RV’s Caravans. An elegant and modern package. The furniture is designed and built with precise Computer Cutting technology. This ensures that its structural strength matches its sharp design. 


Mica Family Touring

Take the whole family away in the amazing Mica Family Touring model from Design RV. The family model from the Mica range brings all the luxuries and extras with the addition of 2-3 bunks to fit the kids in too. Wherever your next journey takes your family, get there in luxury and comfort in Design RV’s Mica.

Mica Semi Off Road

Get away in luxury with Design RV’s Mica Semi Off Road. This variation on the standard Mica model offers increased clearance, extra battery power and independent suspension all in the same package as the stylish interior. The Mica Semi Off-Road is designed to let you be comfortable while allowing access to bitumen and graded dirt roads. The interior of the semi off road Mica is packed full of all the conveniences of the base model so no matter where you take it you’ll be in luxury.

Mica Full Off Road 

Get off the beaten track in the Mica Off Road. An upgrade on the semi off road model this beast boasts all the same features and more. Including 2 170w solar panels and up to 300 litres of water capacity you’ll find you’ve always got what you need. All the extra benefits of the full offroad Mica come at a price point much lower than other comparable vans. Check out this fantastic caravan today only at Explorer Caravan Sales.

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  • Shower

  • Toilet

  • Fridge Freezer

  • Air Conditioning

  • Microwave

  • Washing Machine

  • Solar Power

  • Kitchen

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