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Tips, Hints & Accessories To Make Your Life On The Road Easier And Safer

Once you head out in your caravan for the first time you often find a whole list of items that you’ll need to stock it with. Here’s our List of common and uncommon caravan accessories that you may not have considered.

Collapsible Bin/Laundry Hamper

A collapsible bin or laundry hamper is a great space saving tool for a family or couple on the go. You’ll be able to find them at many common retail stores like Kmart or Big W. If your hamper is packed while you’re travelling, it will fit into most caravan’s showers.


Get Some Spare Keys

Keys are notorious for being misplaced. When you’re out on a caravan holiday it can be prudent to keep a set of the caravans keys in the car and vice versa. That way you’ve hedged your bets in case of being locked out.

Stick On Hook

Stick on hooks are a godsend when it comes to organisation. If you stick some by the doorway or by the side of your bed, you’ll have a much easier time keeping track of your keys. You can even keep a “Master Set” by the bedside or somewhere else secure. The master set would include the keys for things like tunnel boots, generator compartments and water inlets.


Anti Flap Kits

If you’ve ever set your caravan awning up and then been hit by windy weather, you’ll see why this one is on the list. Anti Flap Kits are a series of arms that will hold your caravan’s awning tight against the wind, keeping your caravanning adventure quiet and peaceful.


Hose connecters

Another good thing to keep in your van is a set of various hose connectors. You never know what the tap at the caravan park will be like and being prepared is always the best option!


Stackable pots

A great space saving tip is to buy a set of stackable pots/pans. You can get them from most camping accessory stores and they’ll fit quite easily into smaller spaces when they’re all stacked up.


Art Shade Walls

Personalise the outdoor space of your caravan with an art shade wall! They function as a privacy screen, wind blocker and a work of art. You’ll get them in a huge range of designs and colours. Ask about them at our store today!


Milk Crates

As simple as it seems, a milk crate is very functional for a caravanner. It’s almost indispensable and has many different uses. Use it to collect recyclables, for storage and in a pinch it will serve as another seat.


Inline Water Filter

An inline water filter is always a handy addition to the van. With one of these you’ll have high quality, clean water no matter where you take your van. In some places in the country you may find that the water quality from the tap isn’t great, an inline water filter will cover you no matter where you go.


Hitch Security Device

You can get a hitch lock from both caravan accessory stores as well as trailer accessories stores. If you are putting your caravan in storage for an extended period of time, these can be particularly helpful and offer you an extra level of peace of mind. A device like this fits over your hitch and uses a padlock system to lock into place.

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Hanging Shoe Organisers

Hanging shoe organisers are great for more than just organising shoes. In a caravan they can help you get maximise you limited storage space. You can hang them on a wall or even modify one and hang it around the base of your bed.

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Collapsible Crate

A collapsible crate is a great storage device and can also be used for empty cans & bottles, or other recyclable materials. When not in use it’s just a simple matter of folding it down and slipping it into the tunnel boot.


Suction Cup Shower Shelf

Store all your toiletries with a suction cup shower shelf. They are often super cheap and simple to install. You may also prefer to use a hanging shower caddy that can dangle from the shower head or tap.


Caravan GPS Tracker

Another great security option you can take for your caravan is a GPS tracker. You’d simply hide the tracker somewhere inside your caravan and in case of theft you’d be able to supply the authorities with its exact location.


Chopping Board Sink Cover

Increase your bench space with a sink cover chopping board. Your caravan’s manufacturer may offer these as an extra with the caravan, if not you should be able to find one at a caravan accessories retailer.


Duct Tape

This one may seem like a no brainer, but make sure you have a roll of duct tape in your caravan. The ultimate multi tool – a roll of duct tape can help you with caravanning problems like leaks and breaks (at least until you get in touch with the warranty department) and keep you on the road!


Annexe Floor Matting

Make sure you have an annexe floor mat. ​​Caravan annexe floor matting is a great option for both caravans with and without an annexe. Even if you just have an awning, these mats will stop dirt being tracked into your van.


First Aid Kit

This one is essential for obvious reasons. If you like spending time in the bush there’s a fair chance you’ll come across some hazards. Be it snakes, falls or burns, it’s prudent to have a well stocked first aid kit in the van.



A dehumidifier can be indispensable if you head to Australia’s top end. Make the inside of your caravan comfortable in all seasons wherever you may take it.


Portable Solar Lights

Portable solar lights are great for if you are having an extended stay in a large camp. If you’re free camping with friends you can light your way around camp or to the toilets. You can get solar garden lights that can be staked into the ground fairly easily from your local hardware store.


Levelling Blocks

Levelling blocks are a great option, if you get saddled with a campsite with uneven ground.
Use these to get your caravan set nice and level. They’ll pack away into your front tunnel boot without taking up much space and can also be used simply as chocks to keep your caravan steady.


Hanging Toiletries Bag

A hanging toiletries bag can make your trip to the amenities block a breeze. You can find bags to fit all your common toiletry items from shampoo to tooth brushes.
All of your toiletries are kept together and handy rather than being spread around the floor of the shower or around the sink.
A hanging toiletry bag also prevents you from leaving things behind to be used by someone else.


Camping Shovels

Camping shovels are a great tool for more than just digging a toilet (which you or may not need depending on where you are). They can also be incredibly helpful for digging fire pits and then moving the coals around once it is lit!


Mattress Topper

A mattress topper or foam underlay can take the comfort of your caravan to the next level!


Spirit Level

With a spirit level you can make sure your caravan is always level. These are dirt cheap and can be mounted on the A-Frame very easily.


Quick Drying Towels

When you’re on the road and packing up camp frequently, it can be helpful to have quick drying towels. This way you aren’t stuck dumping wet towels in the sink when you’re on the move.

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