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Why Choose to Sell With Explorer Caravan Sales?

  • We are easy to deal with
  • We have almost 10,000 caravan buyers coming to our website to look for a caravan every month
  • We'll help you get the best price possible for your caravan in today's market
  • If you consign your caravan with us, we will advertise it extensively
  • Our experienced family team know will work hard to find a buyer for you
  • We do all the work for you
  • It couldn't be easier




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How you can sell your caravan with Explorer Caravan Sales

If you’ve been wondering “how can I sell my caravan?” look no further than Explorer Caravan Sales. We offer a range of services to assist you in selling your second hand caravan. We can sell your caravan on consignment, negotiating a fair price with you before making any deals with potential buyers. You can trade in your caravan and receive a discount on another new or used caravan that we stock. If you are looking to get rid of your caravan quickly we also buy used caravans.


Sell your caravan, camper trailer or motorhome by putting it on consignment with Explorer Caravan Sales

What does this mean?

How does Consignment work?

  1. You agree a price you want for your caravan
  2. We pick up your RV and take it to our yard.
  3. We run it through our workshop, giving it a thorough safety inspection, repairing any faults.
  4. We detail your recreational vehicle inside and out so that it looks it’s best.
  5. We put your caravan on display so that it is seen by everyone who comes into our yard.
  6. We advertise through our website and multiple marketing channels - TV, Radio, Press, Google, Caravan and Camping Sales, Gumtree, Facebook & Instagram and many other caravan sites 
  7. We sell your caravan and pay you the agreed price.


The best thing about the whole process is that you have to do precisely nothing!

We’ll do the sales work for you

Do you want people constantly ringing you, coming round to your house at all times of day and night, trying to knock you down on the price of your RV?


Save time and effort by letting us put the hard work in for you. We spend a lot of our lives around caravans. Let us put our knowledge of the market to work for you.

We have a friendly team of expert staff with over 40 years of experience in the industry. 

Trade In

Trade in your old caravan or camper trailer with us and make some huge savings on any other new or used caravan we have in stock. You won’t get a  better trade in your caravan or camper anywhere else  in Adelaide.

"Explorer Caravans are exceptional in their customer service, my husband and I recently purchased a new van at their opening sale on the 8th of August, they went above and beyond to supply to our particular needs. Our two year old van was placed with them on consignment and was sold within a week, We have nothing but praise for the whole team involved. We also enjoyed their friendly BBQ on opening day."

- Suzanne and Allan


You benefit from our extensive marketing campaigns

We invest heavily in marketing through a wide range of media. With Explorer Caravan Sales your caravan or Camper will be displayed online in multiple places. 

We generate many inquiries through multiple channels with a large amount of traffic coming through advertising in, TV, Radio, Social Media, Google and more.

And the sizzle is? Your caravan will be advertised to 1,000’s of people wanting to buy a caravan and who are actively looking for a caravan just like yours.

That means we’ll sell your caravan more quickly and for more money than you ever could.


Display your caravan in our yard

There are many benefits to selling a secondhand caravan from a caravan yard. We receive many walk-ins of people looking for caravans, having a physical caravan available for inspection is incredibly useful for people who are searching for a caravan. With your caravan in our yard you may attract potential buyers who may have been looking for other caravans.

Services and Safety Checks Available

We’ll make sure the caravan is serviced and undergoes a safety check before putting it up for sale.

We’ll Clean your caravan before sale

We offer professional cleaning and maintenance of all of our caravans on consignment.

Sold at fair prices

We always negotiate with you on the price before we sell, that means you’ll know up front roughly what we expect to get for it.

We can pick up your caravan

If you can’t find the time to come into our yard we can pick up the caravan from you!

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