Camel Camper Trailers

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Camel offer a diverse range of off road options in both camper trailers and in hybrid caravans.

There is a wide range of options that will meet the needs of all manner of people from families to couples.


 A wide range of camper trailers built with innovative design

Get off the beaten track with camel’s off road campers

Camel offers a wide range of off road and semi off road camper trailers with both soft and hard floor models available.

Camel Campers

Camel Campers are an Australian family owned range of camper trailers and hybrid caravans, with a 20 year history. Offering a wide range of layouts including both traditional camper trailers and new innovative designs. You’ll find offroad options paired with fittings and features designed to a high level of functionality. Camel offer an abundant amount of support material for their customers, something that aligns with the Explorer Caravan Sales company philosophy of excellent customer service.


Innovative Design

Camel Campers understand that different customers have different needs, and as such offers a wide range of choices amongst their product. The range offers caravans and camper trailers with some options offering space for up to 8 people. This extra capacity comes from cutting edge design utilising additional areas that fold and slide out of the camper. All this without compromising on the weight and trailer size, making these RV’s a dream to tow.

Quality Construction

The construction process for Camel Campers has long been a passion. Camel ensure that a high level of attention to detail is present in every aspect of the manufacturing process. Camel further ensures the quality of their caravans and camper trailers by sourcing their components from a list of trusted suppliers such as Dometic, Alko, CruiseMaster and Smev. This construction process is all too important to the functionality of the final product and to what makes Camel’s products special.


Wide Range of Support Material

The overall experience for buyers of Came Campers and Caravans doesn’t stop at the point of sale. Camel have produced a wide array of support material to be available to customers at all stages of their journey, including video tutorials on setting up and putting down their products, as well as on how to operate things like the electrical and gas systems. Each Caravan or Camper Trailer comes with a comprehensive owners manual with information on the ideal maintenance schedule to help you get the most out of our new camper.

Series Range

Beachcomber RT

Base model from

$17,890 - Drive Away

A light weight hard floor camper trailer with off road suspension.
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Beachcomber SF

Base model from

$19,640 - Drive Away

A light weight off road soft floor camper trailer. Easy to tow.
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Base model from

$22,890 - Drive Away

This roomy soft floor camper is light weight and includes room for four people.
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FF Forward Fold

Base model from

$24,390 - Drive Away

Innovative design makes this hard floor camper trailer spacious with room for four.
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FF Limited Edition Forward fold

Base model from

$29,890 - Drive Away

This stylish roomy camper trailer can sleep 6 and go fully off road.
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FF Superlite

Base model from

$19,390 - Drive Away

This Semi Off-Road camper can be towed by light vehicles like SUVs
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FF6 Forward Fold

Base model from

$30,990 - Drive Away

Packed full of plenty of features with room for up to 4 kids.
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FF6 Superlite

Base model from

$21,390 - Drive Away

A Family semi off road camper trailer packed full off comfortable features.
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Nomad 14-2

Base model from

$51,890 - Drive Away

A 2 person hybrid caravan with off road suspension and pop top roof.
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Nomad 14-4

Base model from

$52,890 - Drive Away

Get away in an Off Road caravan that has room for the whole family.
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